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ATC with Sky, character is hers.

ATC and bonus birthday doodles from Sky!

armour wip (for thane).

armour wip (for thane).

Character Solidifying Sunday

I know it’s not sunday (and I don’t normally talk about personal stuff on here) but things have been kind of rough lately and I’m pretty stressed right now and could really use something fun to help take my mind off things. If there’s ever been something you wanted to ask me about my characters/stories (or even if you want to give me some sketch prompts) I’d really appreciate it.

list of characters is here.

finished the thing from the stream
(sketch here)

✿ (not romantic shipping, but I will confess I've thought about crossovers and how some characters might interact if they met)



it should be noted that the spectral king is fae and sometimes plays cruel jokes and it is entirely possible that she knows nothing about shadow king besides him being dead, memory-less, and bearing a few similarities to herself

YES PERFECT you read my mind

can’t remember the last update notice I put up, so here’s the two most recent pages.

chapter 12 starts here.


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amongthegentlymad said:

Hmmmm! if you’re up to it, the palette challenges maybe? I’ve been dying to try them myself I’d like to see your take on them

sure, if you give me a few character/palette combos I’ll stream them. (you can pick from these or find them somewhere else, or make your own 5-colour palettes.)

amongthegentlymad said:

oh man I missed it! will you be doing another one anytime soon?

probably! they’re a lot of fun.

is there anything in particular you’d like to see me work on? I’ve only done these little monochrome paintings so far. (I can’t do anything too big/fancy because procaster takes a lot of cpu power to run, but I’m happy to take suggestions.)